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glitter excerpt

There is no way Lily could have heard us, but as though she and Pastor Gibbs had both known it was the right time–with me the one out of the loop–the next day we had the worst conversation I had ever had in my life. It’s as if God had set me up the day before to handle this conversation. We were on the couch, and she was feeling horrible.

She asked, “Mommy, does Daddy know I have a tumor on my spine?”

I managed to say, “Yes, Daddy knows.”

“Is he sad?”

“He’s devastated. He is so very, very sad….”She said, “I love you so much, and I love Daddy and Audrey so much, but it’s time for me to go.” My precious hero, so much older than her years…

I couldn’t find my voice, couldn’t find words for what I had to say. But finally I managed, “Okay.” I just kept saying over and over, “Okay, okay, okay…” I was kneeling in front of her with my head in her tiny lap, and she gently stroked my hair.

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Author: Jennifer Anderson

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